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Hidde's home page on DO: The main page of this site.
About this site: This page contains contact information and other data required by German law (it's the German "Impressum").
Private Area (Restricted Access): This part of the webserver contains information for friends and family members only. If You want to follow this link, you will be asked for a username and a password. If you are interested to gain access to this material and you did not receive your login keys yet, please contact the webmaster.
Legal disclaimer: Any legal information, trademark infos, privacy policy, etc. pertaining to this site is found here.
Site map: The page you are currently viewing. Please note that I went to great lengths to make this page useable even if JavaScript or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are not supported by your browser. If this doesn't work please let me know so that I can improve compatability.
"What's new" Area (Journal): This page gives you a brief overview about the growing of this site. Look here to know if there is new stuff uploaded since your last visit. However, we won't mention minor changes within existing documents. Because this pages covers the whole site, you may need a username/password combo for accessing some of the pages.
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